Over 50 years of professionalism

Pramar S.r.l. was founded in 1962 from the passion and commitment of the Marchi family, establishing itself with professionalism and dedication in the field of supplying parts for cooking and heating electrical appliances, used in the manufacture of hobs and cast iron stoves.

Today, after more than 50 years of experience in the supply and distribution of components for the home appliance industry, the company is ever committed to responding promptly to customer needs and continues to achieve excellent results by exploiting state of the art production facilities, quality high-end raw materials and the expertise of its highly qualified human resources.

Precision and quality guaranteed

The quality of materials used, the development and innovation of production processes and the diversification of production: these are the focal points of the business strategy that has allowed Pramar S.r.l. to rank among the most important players in the manufacturing and enamelling of hob components, thus offering to the industry a particularly wide range of products such as cast-iron burner caps, steel burner caps, cast iron grids, hob grids, hob caps, cast iron burners and flame-spreaders, besides many other components created with attention to every detail.

The unity of the family is the strength of the company

Pramar S.r.l. still remains firmly a family business and this is a plus on many fronts. Its willingness to invest in long-term strategy, its true spirit of entrepreneurial leadership and its ability to transfer know-how from one generation to the next are synonymous with stability, respect and professionalism towards all of our employees and all of our customers.

S.P. 358, n° 103
42022 Boretto [Reggio Emilia]
Tel: +39 0522 963999
VAT 00639080357
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