Pramar S.r.l. values the 'reputation' concept related to charity activities and public relations, as they believe reputation is an essential value and a goal around which the company establishes its credibility and proves its daily engagement. Please find below researches, news and products in which Pramar S.r.l. has instilled its enthusiasm about territory and people belonging there.



Years of R&D and in-depth studies on enamels milling have led Pramar S.r.l. to develop its white enamel, used by the most important Italian household appliances manufacturers. The company's deep cooperation with the household appliances industry and the intense development activity carried out by its enameling experts has allowed Pramar S.r.l. to manufacture a top quality glossy-white enamel for cast iron and steal. It meets the high quality standards required by market and it is characterized by high resistance, which is very difficult to be achieved due to the complex work cycle such kind of enameling requires. This project led to glossy-white enamel coating of cast iron grids, burner caps and steal cuvettes for gas hobs.

Aluminium grids project as an alternative to the traditional melted cast iron

Over the last 3 years, several tests have been performed to manufacture grids with new, more performing and more attractive materials Major results have been achieved on aluminium grids, which are presently at their final designing stage. These grids, shaped according to the raw material characteristics, feature accurate surface finishing, can be produced in a wide range of colors, they are very light and washable by dishwasher as they are stain less.

Silver ion treatment project

Constant research and advanced tests performed on aluminum products finishing have led to develop an alternative treatment to enamels. It is a silver-ion based treatment, which can be applied to all aluminium products and makes surface very hard (8-9H resistance) and antimicrobial.

Nanotechnology-based transparent film Project for items’ surface protection.

Over 2013 Pramar S.r.l. was head of a project involving four other actors, including University of Parma, aiming to develop a new protection film for metal and non-metal surfaces. This educational project had such an important impact that Fondimpresa patronized all the activities. The following development, carried out in 2014 by Pramar S.r.l. only, resulted into a nanotechnology-based inorganic, transparent film whose thermal resistance goes up to =<150°c.
Such film protects surfaces from scratches, oxidation, and reduces friction coefficient with liquids and fluids; when properly catalyzed, its working temperature may be even raised.


Luca Manghi concert in S.Rocco Church- Boretto

"Adiemus" show at Teatro del Fiume - Boretto

In occasion of "OTELLO BERNINI - Dipinti" show, Pramar S.r.l. has given its contribution to "Associazione Boretto Arte e Cultura"


What do you think about Pramar S.r.l.?
I consider Pramar S.r.l. as a good partner: professionalism, reliability, competence and punctuality are the elements allowing us to establish a fully satisfying cooperation.
What are your relationships with Pramar S.r.l.'s contacts like?
They are excellent.
Are you happy with the goals reached by Pramar S.r.l. for Casta?
I'm very happy with the goals reached by Pramar S.r.l. for the development of our requests: they interpreted and fully met our needs.
One or more strengths at Pramar S.r.l.'s ?
Professionalism, reliability, competence and punctuality, quality.

What do you think about Pramar S.r.l.?
It is a reliable company and good quality products.
What are your relationships with Pramar S.r.l.'s contacts like?
They are good.
One or more strengths at Pramar S.r.l.'s ?
It is a family run company, whose staff is skilled and motivated.

What do you think about Pramar S.r.l.?
Pramar S.r.l. is a nice production entity and historical partner of IMV's, featuring strengths and weaknesses of a family run company. Beyond the key actors' perseverance and dedication, which is undeniable, the company's professionalism is high in the industry. It may look limited to a niche to those who don't know the field in depth; in fact it is very flexible if you think it deals with discs to grids, to melting for stoves, and then there's Pramar Stone brand, under this perspective, I feel it very close to IMV.
What are your relationships with Pramar S.r.l.'s contacts like?
Relationships are great, very intense when necessary, but above all, they are frank.
Are you happy with the goals reached by Pramar S.r.l. for IMV?
As for the goals, yes and no, we've known each other for 10 years (longer with IMV) and you have certainly supported us in terms of volumes and quality, you have invested and given us time in busy periods (short and long urgencies). As for prices I think different and better choices could have been taken, but this is part of Pramar’s strategy, which don't have necessarily to match with IMV's.
One or more strengths at Pramar S.r.l.'s ?
Speed, skills, productive capacity. Loyalty and helpfulness.


Contribution to Gualtieri School Institute

We hereafter confirm Pramar S.r.l. has supported the school diaries purchase throughout 2013-2014 school term. We purchased n° 552 diaries for Elementary School and n° 338 for the Middle school. As for the current school term, thanks to Pramar S.r.l.'s contribution we managed to buy n° 3 laptops for the Boretto Primary School, to be used as e-register.

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